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November 13, 2019by leweswerks

What is the difference between modern and traditional office? The work ethic. 

Modern professional office design is important. To get the balance of modern, and professional while still being fun is a fine line to tread. It is important to remember the basic ideas of interior design and principals but also remember that there are some guidelines that you must follow. Workers rights and entitlements. This could cause serious issues if it did not go to plan. But decorating should be fun and pleasant. Without further ado let’s dive in and find out about the top 10 modern office trends 

1.Modern Office Lounge

Office lounge space will become mandatory to be a fun, and bright environment. These break out areas skew the line of work and play, where some people will be resting, and others will be chatting and brainstorming in a relaxed environment. While we do believe that there should be a firm line between downtime and work time. Office lounge space gives people a chance to socialise as well as relax. 

modern office design
modern office design

2. Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design – or the act of bringing nature indoors, and working with nature rather than against. We love this idea. And know it will be used increasingly in 2020. This can also be used in a home office too. Modern home desk office may look a little cluttered after all you do not have the shame of all of your co workers seeing your messy desk! We know though that placing a plant on your desk could make all the difference and keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand and the important work you are doing. 

3. Working from home

We know that home office workers will increasingly be on the rise, and the amount of work that gets done by these workers will intensify too. No longer is it necessary to sit at your workplace for long periods of time in order to do work if you work best at home or in the local coffee shop! This is where modern design home office furniture is important. 

A lot of people think because they are working at home they can sit on the sofa or do work from their bed. But this is not healthy. Really it is more important to have the distinction of work and home life when you work at home than anywhere else. mid century modern home office ideas are also there to serve a purpose and look great. 

woman working office space
woman working office space

4. Office Building Modern

A lot of the time if your office building is tired, and the essentials are in need of some TLC this is the first place to start. It is no use having a swanky modern computer office and then bad facilities and no hot water, or lights that don’t work. As your team as a whole to ask for some much needed upgrades. A modern office background will be a brilliant backdrop for your office, but if the walls are old and looking tired, what would be the point in spending money on the refurbishment first?

For more on other ways to work, check out the best coworking spaces in the world article. 

5. Organised Desk Space. 

Sure – modern office desk supplies are cool and all, but they are nothing without some organisation and, frankly, minimalist way of thinking. It is cool to have state of the art equipment like a modern home zuna mid back office chair, for example, but if your home office, or corporate office is cluttered your will feel as stressed as ever. Metal storage boxes can help you compartmentalise and de-stress, upping productivity and general work ethic!

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