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August 21, 2018by leweswerks

An emerging trend in the current office design which also took the centre stage at the Clerkenwell Design Week held this year was the need to embrace co-working spaces. The essence of this move was captured by the remarks of SEC Interiors Design and Proposals Manager who said that this new trend is geared towards tapping into the opportunities that comes with embracing dynamic activities within the work environment.

This trend also stems from some of the best coworking spaces in the world, as with any industry, copying and implementing what works into our own companies could help to boost productivity and the overall growth of our businesses.

Adopting an interactive and flexible working environment that promotes collaboration as well as appreciating diversity within the modern day work environment is the right step towards moving away from the traditional desk-based environments. The basis of this interactive and motivating work environment lies in adopting an innovative space planning and subsequently results in enhancing staff retention, well-being, and maximising employee productivity.

While taking into consideration the need to make this shift, it is equally important to note that workers have different needs and requirements. Individuals with introvert personality may need a rather quieter space so as to be more productive while the extroverts may require a more dynamic environment marked by multiple activities and volume in a group setting. It is worth noting that a one-fit-work environment is not practical for all individuals in your team.

What is Coworking Space?

A coworking space is essentially a predetermined region where different representatives can meet up to work together on tasks and thoughts, and they can be made in pretty much any region of the workplace. Shared spaces, for example, break-out territories, staff kitchens and hot desk area are ideal for giving staff unique opportunities for arbitrary experiences, prompting the sharing of data among associates all through the workday. “Gainful coordinated effort isn’t about unlimited gatherings, however open doors for individuals to meet up to chip away at something: making, advancing, building” says That announcement couldn’t be more genuine.

To be more precise coworking space is any place that promotes vibrant and diverse exchanges.

A research-based survey undertaken by Knoll, Inc an American office design firm, established that different workers exhibit different work pattern with each worker having unpredictable work pattern. As a result, the design office recommended that more types of meeting spaces should be adopted so as to avail workers more choice in regard to where to work. The firm further pointed out that the spaces should be uniquely designed as well as embrace different technology as well as furnishings so as to give freedom and as much flexibility to employees in relation to how they would like to use the workspace. Fundamentally, co-working is not only about modifying the space but rather adopting a complete makeover that includes changing furniture as well as the technology.

Suitable Coworking Furniture

Simply put, furniture plays a crucial role when it comes to the efficiency of a co-working space. The conventional office chairs and office desk are but a wrong starting point and will certainly fail to inspire the workers. In order to capture the expectations of all the employees with different personalities, it is prudent to have a mixture of both formal and informal furniture as well as furnishings. Such a move will undoubtedly enhance your office space. If you are short of ideas on the different types of furniture and furnishings to start with, you might want to start by adopting, comfortable sofas, booths, and lounge chairs. Besides, you might want to embrace the use of flexible office desks rather than the traditional static office furniture.

Better still, you can choose to explore the benefits of using a variety of hues and colours when you are doing furnishings to enhance productivity. However, you should consult widely on different types of colours so as not to backfire and yield negative results. For instance, warm colours may enhance moods but when overemphasized they can overload the moods. You certainly don’t want to be a victim! But you do not have to worry as we have a comprehensive guide on office colour psychology that will help you get the right colour balance.

Benefits of Coworking Space

I bet by now that you have a better understanding of what a co-working space is, but the big question is what is coworking worth it for your company? Fundamentally, it offers colleagues the opportunity to interact, share, and work together in the workplace. It offers the rare opportunity in which different work groups of different age and even generation to cross paths. In the process, these groups can exchange ideas and the know-how, eventually enhancing creativity as well as productivity. Kelly services noted that an environment where young employees are allowed to interact with mature employees results in an incredible transfer of organic knowledge.

Despite the fact that technology seems to favour the traditional desk work pattern as the workers can interact with others right from where they are seated, it is important to keep in mind that a truly collaborative as well as interactive workforce should avail the opportunity to employees to work externally and interact through virtual means. This aspect should not be overlooked when designing your co-working space.

You should also note that there are many different types of flexible coworking spaces, these different types have their own specific pros and cons and will positively or negatvily affect your company – it is essential to assess your business and run a trial period to see what works best for you and your employees. We have written a previous article on the Hot Desking Advantages and Disadvantages, which will give you some great insite as to whether or not this coworking setup could be right for you.

Disadvantages of Coworking

As discussed previously in the introduction part, you will find that the coworking environment may not be for everyone. Where some workers may find it difficult to escape interruptions as well as noises of a large office, impacting on the overall effectiveness of your team.

In an article published in Psychology Today by Collin Ellard Ph.D., he pointed out that it is easy to create office spaces that can pull a crowd but the same can be a source of great distraction. In the long run, it may lower the level of productivity of your team. It is recommended that various spaces be built within an office space so as to accommodate different employees with different personalities. Include Isolation pods, independent desks, and quite rooms when you are.

In short

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