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A beautiful sea side town, Hove is home to a dense but connected community that pride itself on their stunning attractions and vibrant night life. Which has made it the perfect place for us to set up one of our coworking branches.

Pact full of state of the art facilities, Hove Coworking Space will be the perfect for members who want to experience something new every day and interact with likeminded people about business or social life.

Hove’s businesses pride themselves on a warm welcome and personal service.  Especially if you’re are new to the area, you’ll be surprised by the huge variety of choice for your shopping spree, offering a great mixture of common high street brands to quirky lifestyle choices.

Lacking the intensity and density of its twin city, Brighton, Hove will be perfect for those looking to have a calm and relaxing experience, where they can choose to interact with others if they please but are not forced to do so to fit into its diverse community.

If you’re looking for something that’s a lot calmer and laid back, perhaps for personal work or you just need time out of your office, then our Hove working spaces will be just what you’re looking for.

However if you’re interested in connection with other, we have a number of workshops and social events that we organise every month to encourage our members to do so. So if you’re looking for ideas on a project, a new business partner or perhaps just some friends that have similar interests, then we hope to see you there!

Packages & Prices

Hot Desk

Starting from £1050/m

Personal Desk

Starting from £2100/m

Dedicated Office Space

Starting from £4500/m

Virtual Office

Starting from £135/m

Other Packages

Starting from £40/hr

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    Desk Space Hove

    Designed with the intention of giving different types of people the space they need in which to create their best work by giving them the environment necessary to do so. This is done through creating unique spaces that will suit different individuals as well as giving them the opportunity to have custom made desk and chairs to help add to their comfort and overall productiveness.

    Offering access to your desk for 24hours a day 7 days a week, you will be able to get into the building at any time of the day to do work – we know work hours aren’t strictly based on the times of 9-5.

    Having access to all common members’ features such as café, Zen room, at-desk massage and many more, there is no better place in Hove for your personal desk needs, so stop looking and become a member – and a part of our community.

    Office Space Hove

    Whether you’re looking to house 2-30 employees, our office spaces have been specifcally designed to get the most out of your workers, encouraging them to work more and harder soley due to the surrondings that they are in – completley different to your typical working office design.

    With a range of unique spaces to choose from, we belive there will eb no better palce in Hove for rentable office space that will help you get the most out of your staff and team members. With CCTV and a sequred door, you can sleep easy at night knowing your valuable work logs, documaents and project files are all secure and will be ther the next time your time get back to work.

    Each staff memeber will be treated as an invidual, therefore they will get access to all of the regular member benefits just like the rest of our little coworking communites has.

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      One of the reasons we made the move to create Lewes Werks was because we hated traditional working environments and we just had to do something about it to help solve those long 40 hour work weeks seem a little less daunting.
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