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August 21, 2018by leweswerks

Hot Desking Definition

With technological advancements, employees have the opportunity to work from their office as well as home or on the move and this is the reason for the popularity of hot desking which is a new trend across the globe. This is a term used to define a system where the desks of the employees are based on the individuals who are present at a given time. Hence it means that less amount are desks are used in offices since employees working in different shifts use the same desks and hence employees do not have a fixed desk in their office. Hot desking has become one of the most popular ways of working in a collabroative space, they are especially popular amongst theĀ Best Coworking Spaces In The World.

Hot desking advantages and disadvantages needs to be assessed before opting for this activity based working that offers more flexibility to the employees which is very important for enhancing the productivity and performance of the employees.

Benefits of Hot Desking

The employers need to know the hot desking advantages and disadvantages before considering this system in the workplace because it is a new trend that is catching the fancy of the employers of the present time. It involves a more collaborative environment where a flexible as well as a fast moving culture of hot desking has emerged. Moreover it also fosters innovation and teamwork in the workplace among the employees as it also makes the office space more productive and efficient since it facilitates companywide communication. The advantages of hot desking include building working relationships between the seniors and juniors so that the experience and knowledge of one employee can be transferred to another within an organization and for the success of the company. The mixed seating under this trend helps in better mixing of the employees so that they can work as a team for achieving the goals and objectives of the company. When employees have the opportunity to choose the kind of seating arrangement that they want to work in, it offers more efficiency and productivity as they will select seats that offers optimum comfort so that they can work towards the success of the company. Since the office spaces are not customized according to the employees, they will work towards minimizing the clutter on the desk and go for minimalistic option so that they can work in a clean and clutter free environment.

Hot Desking Problems

There are many disadvantages of hot desking as the employees might not be aware of their place in the office until they arrive which might lead to stress and tension as the place keep changing every day. Moreover it can also have potential for conflict because employees might need to arrive early to get any particular desks that they prefer. Any employee staying near the office might find it easy to get to office early before the other but it may be unfair for someone who needĀ more time to commute every day. It can cause conflict and resentment because employees might not be able to personalize their space in the office as they might sit in another desk on the nest working day. Finally hot desking might require employees to set up their computer that may cause delay to their work every morning at the office.

In short

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