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January 31, 2019by leweswerks

Whether you’re a team manager who’s head an office and you’re looking for co-working space to house your colleagues since taking inspirations from the Best Coworking Spaces in The World or perhaps you’re a CEO and you want to finally move into more permanent residence, it is important to establish the proper office move communication to employees so that this time is also not a stressful one for them as it might be for you. After all these people come to work to get work done and don’t want to worry about such things that could change their whole daily environment.

Below are a few things you must consider before moving your hard working employee’s to their new residence, some of these you’d need answer to before you consider moving to a new property.

Office Relocation Impact on Employees

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Moving offices at work can be a stressful time for employees, even if they’re still in house and just moving to another space on the premises, it can mess up their entire daily routine, perhaps the people they are usually around change meaning the entire dynamic of the office has completely change. This is an issue since people get used to things being the same and dislike change, which could lead into poor work and unhappy employees which for any company could mean that it drastically affects the business in a negative way.

If you’ve never moved an office full of people, or even just moved premises in general so you’re confused with all the do’s, don’ts and must’s then the How To Plan and Organize An Office Move post by WhatStorage will provide you with plenty of useful office moving tips that will come in handy when it’s time to make the big move.

To help prevent the stresses of office moving for all your employee’s we’d recommend general communication with them on the entire process and even taking them around the new building before you sign on the dotted line so that you know that all of your employees are happy. Doing this will make them a part of the buying process which allows them to feel even more connected with the company and in the long run increasing your rapport level with your employee’s which could increase the quality of their work.

Once you’ve moved in, you can do a number of things to make the place a lot more welcoming, one of the possibilities is to try and keep the office setup similar to what it was in the old premises so that your employee’s are in a situation that is similar, this can also be done with the decor. Perhaps because you’re in a new building you’re wanting a new look for your office but it wouldn’t hurt to introduce any old plants and photos of the team members back to the walls, whether you change the look or not. On top of this, you could get a bit more personal with each employee and write them a personal note and leave it on the desk in the form of welcome to new office message, which will immediately bring the morale of the entire team to an all time high.

Reasonable Daily Travelling Distance

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Another major thing to be considered is the amount of time it takes for your employees to travel to and from work. This is because the assumption is that everyone gets to work and back home again at a reasonable time, or else they wouldn’t be at the company, and this sort of ‘rule’ needs still apply when you move to your new office. Now of course if you’re just moving to another part of the buildings then you can skip over this point but if you’re looking to move to a complete different premises this needs to be considered and investigated immediately. For a more in-depth and legal view of this situation, please check out the Guidance on a “reasonable daily travelling distance”, a great article which we have found to help many of our clients when they come to us asking about how they should go about moving their colleagues to one of our award-winning co working spaces.

In short

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