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August 22, 2018by leweswerks

If you’ve shown interest from Whatson on in Brighton, you may be wonderfing what Lewes Werks up and coming events are, here is some actionable infromation:

We are offering several workshops over the coming months to give local business the chance at being taught keys principles in how to properly market themselves using social media, to help increase brand awareness across all of their playforms.

Spanning over 3 events, there is no excuse for you to miss these valuable lessons and it should be something you’re going to want to look in to if you’re wanting to grow online and get ahead of the competition.

A small peice from one of the co-organisers, Robin Houghton:

“There’s a lot of interest in social media tools and social networking at the moment, and the area is growing fast, but many businesses are struggling to make sense of it. Even big brands are making mistakes in this area, it’s still very new. These sessions are designed to offer practical ideas and examples, whilst at the same time explaining what social media is about and what does and doesn’t work”

Orginal quote found from WiredSussex

Aimed at SME owners and marketing mangers looking to improve online makrthering at tehirrespective bsuinesses, this workshop is also useful for anyone looking to gain insight into social media platforms and just how powerful they can be for future use – take our offical Lewes Werks Twitter Account for example, it has been ‘blowing’ up recently due to using the techniques we are teaching at these sessions.

If you’re looking for some more details on this event, then they can be found here at; you can also book your seat online while you’re over there.

In short

One of the reasons we made the move to create Lewes Werks was because we hated traditional working environments and we just had to do something about it to help solve those long 40 hour work weeks seem a little less daunting.
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