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August 21, 2018by leweswerks


If we could best describe Lewes Werks, we would have to say that we are a flexible, professional yet social community workspace environment. We have built our company and services to be intentionally small so that we can provide a strong emphasis on community & support. This reflects on the coworking, desk, meeting and office space which can be hired out from us, allowing you and your coworkers to become part of a mixed office culture, one that you will not find anywhere else.

The results are magical and valuable, providing you with the environment to allow you to meet some great people, make new friends and build professional connections that will last you a life time.


With plenty of environment styles to choose from, which have been created with the intention to bring out the best in all people. you will have the chance to use all kinds of facilities at Lewes Werks depending on your situation and needs; they are as follows:

  • Meetings Rooms for Small and Large Businesses
  • Cafeteria Area with Access to Business Grade Wifi
  • Custom Collaborative Space – Tailored to Your Needs
  • Self Contained Pods for More Private Time
  • Studio Space for Aspiring Musicians and Voice Actors
  • Hot Desking Locations For Flexible Works
  • Informal Meeting Space For Clients and Business Partners
  • And Of Course, Coworking Spaces for all Types of Workers


Not only do we offer high quality facilities to all of our customers, we also offer services which will help benefit day to day work; putting you in contact with likeminded people and getting to know those same people outside of a work setting. These are made up of:

  • Networking Sessions for Business and Freelancers
  • Co-working Sessions; Where You Get to Know Those Around You
  • Specialist Training in Your Field
  • Social Events with Your New Colleagues


In addition to the prices we feature on our Main website, we also offer generic packages to those who want to get a feel of what collaborative work spaces is all about; sort of dipping their toes in before they make the jump. Here are some guideline prices – for any further enquires please contact our support team.

  • Day Tripper – for those who are looking to use our collaborative space on a scattered basis Monday to Friday Between 9:30am – 5pm you are able to drop in. £5 for half a day and £10 for a full day. You’re also more than welcome to give more if you feel like you have got a lot out of the experience at such an affordable price.
  • Starter Pack – Ideal for those who want more of an experience before they buy a lengthy package. With the starter pack you are able to join us 5 days a month at one of our collaborative buildings where you can pop in between 9:30am – 5pm to get on with your million dollar ideas.


Of course we offer more packages than this, we highly recommend heading on over to our Coworking Space page if you’re interested in becoming part of the community.

In short

One of the reasons we made the move to create Lewes Werks was because we hated traditional working environments and we just had to do something about it to help solve those long 40 hour work weeks seem a little less daunting.
47 Western Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1RL